Living the Story

watching feelings filling you up, leaving you, rising up, fierce or gentle, heart beat faster, head throbbing, passions flaming up and being lost in that flow…drowning, helpless…floating, Begs to question why? What are we and which stories were so fixed in our being that has such hold over our existence?

You are on my mind

Questioning our actions. Questioning our convictions. Questioning ever deeper reasons we give to why and what we do. Allowing a pause on our rout to look around, all directions, above all from above, to see a light entering the emptiness of our “Not knowing” Allowing the rivers of tears to wash away solidified fixations. Holding […]

El Torcal

We drove up higher and higher following the river… river disappeared between thick of pink Oleander bushes, appeared and was gone again from sight…Landscape changing to open spaces and fields of wheat, soft and dreamy beyond which high rocky mountains appeared as we kept on driving upwards towards those Rocks. The heat subsided, cool breeze […]

The Trouble with “Thought”

-Why on earth is there any trouble? -Why are you saying that? -because I’m “thinking” -But why do you think about this “thought” ? -Don’t make me go crazy! -No…you are crazy! -Now you’re getting me really mad! -You see….there is trouble with “thought” -Fine, Explain…as I see you want trouble…but I’ll control myself! -Oh…Who’s […]