Cortijo Villegas

Cortijo Villegas was built over 400 years ago. We were told much about the wisdom of having chosen this spot by experts who visited us for registration as an ecological farm.

All the building materials were taken from the surrounding area: clay stones and wood, Hence the expression “Adobe” came about.

In the past these hills were covered with vine and so it was named “Lagar de Villegas” for they pressed wine.

Some 160 years ago Phylloxera wiped out the vines and so olive and Almond trees were planted. At this point the name changed to Cortijo as they collected dry fruits.

Grains were another staple crop, they used to trash on a circle of radiating set of stones in front of the building. Until recently  the land was worked with mules and water was drawn from hand-dug wells at the bottom of ravines.

Now our water is piped to our deposit from the Torcal mountains which are about an hours drive and a magical  geological sight not to be missed.

All our water is biologically recycled and used for irrigation.We grow organic vegetables during three seasons.

Solar panels provide us with ground floor heating and warm water. Our electricity is from a 100% renewable sources.