Shell of human Consciousness

Banging away within the walls of the “known” until we bleed to destruction.

What does it take to hatch out?

Centuries have passed with wise men’s words set in print or stone upon which we built monuments to worship the words; build walls against unbelievers or kill to defend…not knowing what!

This puzzle has rattled about profusely building wider and tighter webs within our shell of consciousness strangulating all of life!

Forgive the “not knowing” “for they do not know what they do!”

Who is left to forgive when this one “Knowing” in it’s not “knowing” explains all to cinder?

This morning wondered why this shell holds us tight within it’s chaos.

 what does it take to crack and fly out soaring in freedom, one with all in love?

There was a poem written long, long ago by one other who had also pondered on this “Why”

Yes, passions of flesh, longings, angers, ambitions and jealousies, all that range of human emotion has a high price to give up!

It nourishes us and gives this life the only meaning we have learnt to have!


This inner world is all we’ve known to have.

The price of freedom is the unknown ticket we’re not willing to buy!

Though longing finds paths through psychedelic experiences which wear off by leaving images of further longings to imagination!

And so we play every game not to crack our hardened shell!

As in death, the not knowing is the fear that shuts us out.