Wonderings on the Knowings

So I begin to wonder what if I live a dream of words?

On awakening I sit at my window..
I see hills around with valleys bellow…I see the trees have grown green…I hear the wild chirping of birds and infinite flowers of mad colours springing out of the earth, everywhere, after the rains…
I see the seasons pass, I see the almond trees full of pale pink flowers, they smell of honey… their petals fall, tiny green leaves start to cover the branches, I see where the flowers were, tiny almonds growing, they taste sour, feel velvety.
They grow and grow, the wild flowers dry, leaves drop..the landscape is dry, all the trunks and branches stand dark and silent on the creamy coloured hills….sun comes up, very hot, many months, the almonds are hard, I crack a few…delicious sweet nourishment…
Rains come, and the flowers return…
There was no “Time” on this earth…there was magic.
I was sitting at my window…
I was wondering at what I know!

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