This Fragile Life

This Fragile Life

Day by day from birth to death, first breath to the last, this unfathomable life we humans live as in a dream, unchecked, unquestioned, zombie like, barging through, eyes, hearts and senses blocked in routines and fixed patterns……….grow ugly, hardened, callous, part of the fixtures left for newcomers to adapt to, fossilize unto layers of tragic human history.

I have watched babies born, love and laughter, adorning the new creature with welcomes and hopes soon to perish into the abyss of dusty fixtures, inheritance of bondage narrowing the possibilities of a glorious life of flowering ever wider, open to light and love soon to become grim with ancient beliefs, ugly, tortured, sad and lost to die without having ever touched “LOVE”, the Elixir of life!

And Why?

Why be born when such is the lot?

From father to son?

Tethered to fear from birth to death?

Why? What do we fear?

It is this fear that keeps us alone, apart from the miracle of existence, part of totality, ecstasy, magic of sensing that vast eternal movement to which we belong.

To be a good citizen, our graves have been dug by the time our social education is done, we become walking zombies, fitting tightly in grooves our ancestors, father to son had planned out for us.

We strive to be “Educated” to climb up the ladder to higher grooves, have more power, more wealth, feel stronger in this crazy jungle of human greed, backstabbing and murder, needing stronger locks and body guards as only the powerful have learnt to fear.

Is there not a way out?

What does it take for us to wake up?

I wake up to a hundred birds of various names fluttering furiously throughout the Eucalyptus branches, singing their distinct songs, feeding their newly hatched, teaching them to fly whilst the sun is still not too high…my heart is beating fast watching the golden light brush the trunks and branches of the trees, long shadows shortening, pink shades of the hills growing in brightness, loud crickets growing louder as the heat rises and the day grows older.

It is this purity of simplicity that brings tears of joy to the heart where I was not there to be one with it.