Silence is broken

Silence is broken on these hills
The gentle night was broken at sunrise by clanks of metal, roaring the newly cut roads, winding these hills which cried out “Not Yours, not yours”…but you, heard it not and brought in the metal with fantastic wealth…
Had you forgotten your brothers, fathers and kin who shed their blood over these hills?
Had you forgotten all the tears and pain, fear and treason played over greed of the land?
No longer than some 600 years have passed……
Yes you forgot!
Now the silence is broken!
Large machines tear apart the land, stick poles all around, fencing, digging, screaming, “mine, mine, mine”……..
Many men are glad of their daily bread, they gladly dig in dust and heat……all rejoice at growth, incoming wealth to want more, buy more of what no one needs, and where do these “needs” ever end?
Is there a fence to limit that greed?
Did you forget the land that fed your needs?
Yes you forget and bring about cycles of repeated pain, illusions of needs bringing it all back home again!