What are we?

To be awake to our passing thoughts,  passing moods, rising and falling emotions needs enormous interest with passion to look deep beyond the layers to discover this entity I call the I!

To be called upon, out of the blue, incident of years gone by, joyous or painful, hits us deeply!

It seems all the “felts” of the past are captured on recorded slices waiting silently to be awakened by a thought.

It seems that all “time” past through present is there at once!

Yet we look at our hands, feet, face and wonder who is this I?

This I is drawn to revel, repeat and relive that that gave it substance and ecstasy, yet shudder when the pains of past hurts open up and bleed the heart.

Who is this I if it were not for the “Felts”?

What is that feeling when the moon begins to rise, the sun slipping behind the hills leaving a rapture of colours painting the clouds, the waving branches, bathing of birds, playing of children, old man, woman taking shaky steps…….Is love a feeling?