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Once you are connected to wholeness in silence, Once you feel trapped in frenzy rush of human noise, Once you feel temperatures rising, Once you feel desperate fight for existence, Once you watch humans in restless search for meaning, Once you see the painted faces, all the bodies screaming “look at me” Once you have […]

Summer night at 4am

It was 4 am, now 5 and the mind had been awakened, questioning, reasoning, erasing, curious, had been there before, as the “time laps” camera speeding up the unfolding of a bud to a full blown wild petals of colour, a thousand petals, breathing out perfume, and was drunk and forgot the world that unfolded […]


You good “Intellectual ” people, concerned with human lives living a meaningful life in today’s complex society… You have been brain draining for and against “Religion” as though it was a “Thing” I listened carefully and heard arrows flying hay-away flying off the bullseye.   The “Thing” is a word given meaning for what was beyond meaning. Yet we needed […]

You are passing my mind

 Life is rushing by,  not knowing whereto, from where…at times touch glories, then the dark, Some times  helpless watch suffering sometimes just holding gives comfort without words… This timeless land where humans are caught, having passed the rout where no signpost stood… can not yell back, can not tell a story…no one listens, the winds […]


This breath  throbbing fragile beauty  integral part Is the whole our lives dancing light-footed perpetual movement  motions the Universe Held in passion in love is this life we live

Pondering in May

Life begins with a sense of longing for itself. This longing is sought out wherever it enters out of time, transfixed gaze of the wild eye, movement of the slithering snake, lizard, or that energy that electrifies you from some beings.   There is no location where you can grasp at as lightning itself……it is […]

Banality of Normality and ecstasy of violence.

A rare occasion, drove me into a small cafe, in the nearest village, growing dark earlier in November, Children walk in  gregariously with grandparents, parents, after school break…order Churros and Chocolate, in lightness and innocence… Mothers proudly roll in their strollers, tiny babies decorated with stylish bows and shining cheeks, every one is delighted and […]

Timeless Land

The moment that is new is when eyes open, breathless, View formations, changes upon clouds, having shed their weight over thirsty land Now, catching last lights of the sinking sun, slowly, slowly moving on……….. Breathless you stand gazing upon the timeless land.

Silence is broken

Silence is broken on these hills The gentle night was broken at sunrise by clanks of metal, roaring the newly cut roads, winding these hills which cried out “Not Yours, not yours”…but you, heard it not and brought in the metal with fantastic wealth… Had you forgotten your brothers, fathers and kin who shed their […]

Silence of the Night

It’s a silky silent night to disturb and write… But the hooting of the owl, trilling of one lone cricket nothing moves but the mind. Almost a benediction holds the stars touching the earth, night dew gathers softly around what vegetation remains of rains of the past… Oh the mind, the mind wants to be, […]