Thank you for all the hospitality, accommodation is a beautiful and restful dwelling. Ideal to relax and “Be’ and contact Nature”

I wish this project to continues to evolve and will help in any way I can, and will return each spring to see all the wild flowers!

Howard – England

“Silence and Spaciousness go together.
The immensity of Silence in the immensity of the mind in which a centre does not exist.
The Perception of this Space and Silence is not of Thought.Thought can perceive only it’s own projection, and the recognition of it is it’s own frontier.”

(J. Krishnamurti on Meditation”/The only Revolution)

This place is beautiful, the food was delicious. The best for my Yoga experiences. I loved the views, and the peace!

Eleni Lentz-Marino – Germany

Thanks for the opportunity of staying in such a silent and calm place!
Thanks for the opportunity of tasting extraordinary meals I’d never tried before!
It was beautiful to walk daily down to the lakes, breath fresh air, listen to nature!
I shall miss these extraordinary days at Cortijo Villegas.

Rusanyk K. Mikhail – Russia

The time spent here was like an Oasis on my journey. Time here was has taught me a great deal.
Inspirations came flying from the hills through the Almond trees!
These humble words are just a speck………

Raul – Mexico/Toronto

I’ve had a great time in Cortijo Villegas!
It’s such an incredible setting this place.

Stephen Reilly – Ireland

It’s hard to find the right word to explain how very precious my time here has been.
The hospitality, the landscape and surroundings were just the cherry on top!
It has been a dream being here…it not only felt like coming home but also like being set “Free”………….

Erin – Ohio/USA

My time here has been great to be in a meditative mind…I’ll come back again!

Koichi Toyama (ryujutsu) – Japan

I don’t know how to say it….but along my travels this place has been the most precious to me!
The warmth and hospitality I received, all the sharing…. all
All this gave me the chance to heal.
Thank you, Thank you!

Kim – Brown University Providence/USA

Cortijo Villegas has been a perfect place for giving my yoga lessons and meditation retreats.
The silence in purity of nature with lovely interior spaces, outside terraces, wonderful food were all that made our retreats a success.
We also enjoyed our hikes around the silent hills.

Genoveva Conde – Madrid/Spain

Waking up in the morning. Still dark outside. City lights far in the distance. Malaga Mountains. White curtains swaying. Moment of stillness. Me pulling the blanket right up to my nose again. See the lizard? Wooden floor beneath my feet. Bathroom, kitchen, hallway. Breakfast outside, after rescuing a little brown bee. Simplicity of an eloquent taste: honey. The terrace as mountain cinema. Vegetables and toast. Avocado! Take a plane, walk up the hill. Come when the almond trees blossom. Terraces ready for Yoga, Tai Chi, all you might wish for. Get here soon. Find yourself in all this. I’ll be there.

Sabine Kurpiers

Cortijo Villegas has been an inspiration for my group courses in writing and painting.
It allowed us the space and stillness to flower.
This is a place full of beauty where you may discover wonders of Life and Living!
It is a place to relax, replenish all your energies, a place in the midst of nature with all it’s power, a touching point between mother earth and the heavens.
This is a place where you can hear the whisper of the breeze, witness the beauty and vastness of nature beyond mountains and the sea.
We have enjoyed so far Cortijo Villegas in three different seasons, each with it’s special beauty!

Detel Aurand – Berlin Germany