You are on my mind

Questioning our actions.
Questioning our convictions.
Questioning ever deeper reasons we give to why and what we do.

Allowing a pause on our rout to look around, all directions, above all from above, to see a light entering the emptiness of our “Not knowing”
Allowing the rivers of tears to wash away solidified fixations.

Holding gently this inner child kicking hard, holding tight to his made belief Rock.
To rock this child in love and whisper, all is well, that love is boundless and this pain too will pass as all is in passing over the rainbows of further universes…

Stop now!
Stop and do this now, now, and now…
It is this moment of our actions, words and deeds that leaves a stamp deep behind on this earth, no less  lives we have touched upon.

Look back to see abundance of laughter, blooming fields and glowing light in love following you to your destiny.
This life we were born to is passing too..faster and faster is catching us up in trails we left behind…
Let wisdom of love cleanse all pains we caused in the past, let generosity wash away hardened hearts unto joy….

Let your bidding farewell to this body feel the power of light which gave you this chance to live in full purpose of birth..
As the flower that opens wide in full innocence is there for a while to spread beauty for those who passed it by,  lived just for a while!