Shell of human Consciousness

Banging away within the walls of the “known” until we bleed to destruction. What does it take to hatch out? Centuries have passed with wise men’s words set in print or stone upon which we built monuments to worship the words; build walls against unbelievers or kill to defend…not knowing what! This puzzle has rattled […]

Summer night at 4am

It was 4 am, now 5 and the mind had been awakened, questioning, reasoning, erasing, curious, had been there before, as the “time laps” camera speeding up the unfolding of a bud to a full blown wild petals of colour, a thousand petals, breathing out perfume, and was drunk and forgot the world that unfolded […]


You good “Intellectual ” people, concerned with human lives living a meaningful life in today’s complex society… You have been brain draining for and against “Religion” as though it was a “Thing” I listened carefully and heard arrows flying hay-away flying off the bullseye.   The “Thing” is a word given meaning for what was beyond meaning. Yet we needed […]

You are passing my mind

 Life is rushing by,  not knowing whereto, from where…at times touch glories, then the dark, Some times  helpless watch suffering sometimes just holding gives comfort without words… This timeless land where humans are caught, having passed the rout where no signpost stood… can not yell back, can not tell a story…no one listens, the winds […]