Living this human heart.

If you had nothing to connect you to on this earth but the earth itself;
if no one had taught you ways of humans or inherited human tales of human history….how would you live as here, now, alone on these hills as I wonder and share with you the reader.

Befriend silence
For it’s in silence that stones whisper,
Tis in silence that blossoms speak,
Tis in silence that clouds, sunsets, trees, animals, insects, all of life that surrounds us begin to reveal their secrets directly into our hearts.

Find that space where silence may enter,
where you enter that wonder of existence!

For we are grand as the universe, and small as universes within.
Where time and measure does not exist.

This very earth upon which we stand is holding all miracles in it’s dust.

This cycle of perfection, fragile balance of rains rivers and oceans, clouds, ice and fires which envelope from center to outer is holding us tight to it’s heart. We are the children who play, but play carefully…..
Careful, watch, listen, relate to it’s totality to know this treasure called “Life”