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Cortijo Villegas

“Silence and Spaciousness go together.
The immensity of Silence in the immensity of the mind in which a centre does not exist.
The Perception of this Space and Silence is not of Thought. Thought can perceive only it’s own projection, and the recognition of it is it’s own frontier.”
– (J. Krishnamurti on Meditation”/The only Revolution)

Cortijo Villegas is just over thirty minutes from Malaga/Spain international airport yet in pure nature. It is situated on a hilltop covered with Almond and Olive trees. Mediterranean sea hangs in view between fading silhouettes of mountains.

The views and silence  are a good reason to be here. It’s this extraordinary silence in nature that invites inner quiet.
Occasionally through the valley the bells of hundreds of goats ring as they meander back home for the night creating perfect music to the setting sun.