Praise of Not Knowing

We have a vast dictionary of words we have given to all that we have encountered. Giving a false sense of “Knowing” as we keep on adding, adding words …even there is no true “Knowing” within the campus of our consciousness.

Undeniably much of this “Knowing” has offered this living less toil, more food, longer life.

Only the last 200 years world population has grown 8 fold. Our eight billion demand resources our finite planet can not provide as our insatiable demands have equally grown with manipulation of our deepest traits by commercial manipulation whilst our education failed to rise equally to our awareness of our inner selves.

With loss of hope for a future, we’ve lost culture to define a future so dire that denial sets in a paralysis or search for “Outer Spirits” who had predicted our failure and will save us from ourselves through “Eternal Love”

Then there was a new mutation of a virus for which there was no cure. Suddenly the “Not knowing” froze all activity. Fear covered the planet. All that “Experts” knew was to keep populations locked up. Some large families in small quarters where violence became rampant. Millions lost livelihood, governments stuttered and revealed their incompetence in the face of an invisible entry into our lives, they named Covid 19.

Suicide amongst even the youngest, the more resilient who are actually the least in danger grew exponentially!

All that Knowledge humanity had gathered created this loss of our biodiversity, global warming with catastrophic natural disasters, and we still rely on a faster vaccine, miracle medication whilst we have destroyed all cures in the natural world we so blindly have destroyed.

This is written on this late night in the praise of “Not Knowing”