Summer night at 4am

It was 4 am, now 5 and the mind had been awakened, questioning, reasoning, erasing, curious, had been there before, as the “time laps” camera speeding up the unfolding of a bud to a full blown wild petals of colour, a thousand petals, breathing out perfume, and was drunk and forgot the world that unfolded in perpetual movement where man made his entrance, naked, unaware, being this perpetuality of ever expanding, nameless movement 

 His nakedness, felt this vulnerability,
 his awareness, his fears gave birth to his consciousness
And so he began naming of the stuff his body could feel,his fears, impulses made demand of him.

He did not know that he too was the universe, there was no separation but in his nakedness feelings became his thoughts.
And that was real if not relative, but real to his reality of survival, he named it as such as innate as he was there, he feared his not being there, he was alive to his consciousness, strifes…so his vocabulary grew he became the centre of the vastness he explained as that too necessitated his survival, that too was in the throw of the timeless movement, it was too late to throw the baby out with the bathwater……..

all grew in a flash, yet that was too a word caught in time, the movement was timeless but within timelessness there was man who started his play, Stage one, scene one…in which time was caught to create stories to survive as he was there a throbbing thing, now expanding from within as from without where time did not exist.