You are passing my mind

 Life is rushing by, 

not knowing whereto, from where…at times touch glories, then the dark,
Some times  helpless watch suffering
sometimes just holding gives comfort without words…
This timeless land where humans are caught, having passed the rout where no signpost stood…
can not yell back, can not tell a story…no one listens, the winds have blown all dust away,
 They keep on going, settling dust as they go, 
as if no one’s been there before … 
Don’t call it Karma, don’t give it a name, 
it is the nameless that stands in your gaze, beauty, ecstasy and love,
I’m laying on my back, curtain blowing, a pleasant breeze , 
it’s 14:45, and the sun is burning high on stones bellow at 33…but it reads more like 36c….
I hear a few chirping of tiny birds about the Eucalyptus trees…
There is a silence in this timeless hour…
You were just passing through my mind.
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