Once you are connected to wholeness in silence,

Once you feel trapped in frenzy rush of human noise,

Once you feel temperatures rising,

Once you feel desperate fight for existence,

Once you watch humans in restless search for meaning,

Once you see the painted faces, all the bodies screaming “look at me”

Once you have heard the silent cries.. loneliness, yearnings and dreams…chasing, chasing…searchings..

Your tears flow, your words fail, nothing left to convey..

be silent, be still, be the Love that was always there holding you between the earth and heavens upon which you are standing…nothing to do…just be witness to the wholeness that holds.

Banality of Normality and ecstasy of violence.

A rare occasion, drove me into a small cafe, in the nearest village, growing dark earlier in November,

Children walk in  gregariously with grandparents, parents, after school break…order Churros and Chocolate, in lightness and innocence…

Mothers proudly roll in their strollers, tiny babies decorated with stylish bows and shining cheeks, every one is delighted and peers inside, baby is scared and shakes, over stimulated…


Older children are oblivious of adults and soon bury their heads in their smartphones and live their secret lives…whilst granny patiently asked for what he wishes to have…his wishes are not in the realm of her imagination…they live worlds apart…still in this village, centuries the same but not now.

I watch the granny spooning her coffee shakily into her mouth, stroking the crumbs with her old hands unto a paper serviette, she is neat in her beige cardy and pearls, knowing she has nothing to say to the beloved grandson sitting by her side.

Their distance is tangible even across the noisy room.


Huge TV monitor hangs high over the space, an alter, spreading images, sounds of fierce battles between gorgeous women, men with exaggerated manliness, battling for good, slaying, murder, chase and torture to save some great ideal… noise is deafening, images so wild my senses are in shock yet others seem oblivious, have grown accustomed as all a background entertainment…rolls on and on…


I pay and get into my car, turn the radio on to hear the news, there too as the man speaks, a hurried electro drumming is chasing the spoken words, a crescendo, louder and louder, winding up the bad news into a frenzy every one has grown used to hear and forget to just get over another day!


The shops are full, Christmas is near, people have to do whatever they have learnt to do…

The planet is still rotating it’s usual speed, taking a few moments more or less, we are assured that moonrise and sunsets will follow to hold us in the promise of wholeness even though we play hard to play our virtual games, getting more real until we no longer differentiate the line in between…


Clinics are full, experts profit, tattoo artists make a killing, drugs are ever more sought, if not in secret in hospitals and big pharma growing, growing,


Every one has a solution and every one is in pain, people inventing methods upon methods to take a break, sit cross legged, repeat a mantra, join a group, sing a song, give a hug or take one…feel connected a moment or two to return to daily drudgery of survival in a lonely hole, concrete block, TV and all, to just pass another day, a night to pay the bills and call it a life!


Yes we laugh and dance, dress up wild as occasions allow, Halloween, day of the dead…all in regular intervals allowing out some release from pressure.

It’s hard to hold on to sanity watching these games all in fun whilst others are truly dying babies in arm, drowning, hip deep in sinking mud, buried under rubbles, laying slayed in pool of blood whilst we party in feathers and sequins…all to forget, forget our violence in momentary ecstasy.


What have we done to this living?