Silence of the Night

It’s a silky silent night to disturb and write… But the hooting of the owl, trilling of one lone cricket nothing moves but the mind. Almost a benediction holds the stars touching the earth, night dew gathers softly around what vegetation remains of rains of the past… Oh the mind, the mind wants to be, […]

What are we?

To be awake to our passing thoughts,  passing moods, rising and falling emotions needs enormous interest with passion to look deep beyond the layers to discover this entity I call the I! To be called upon, out of the blue, incident of years gone by, joyous or painful, hits us deeply! It seems all the […]

The Creative Egg

What if our youngsters had a chance to stay a while in a unique space where they may learn deeply their own conditioning, question, question all whilst they co-operate in working on various projects to improve human problems? Click for project details: The Creative Egg

Blowing in the Wind

We wonder, investigate with immense energy superficial banalities and take for granted the magic, mysteries of life on this earth! We satisfy ourselves with requisites of dramas of our lives but not the director of our dramas. We praise intellectual activities yet ignore the inner core of our being!