The Golden Oriole

Have you ever heard the Golden Oriole talk? Her language has such a broad repertoire!…flies swiftly, so alert, so trim and agile! My heart leaps as they grace the Eucalyptus trees, a few meters away from my window… Transfixed, have to watch so closely to catch it between flights from branch to branch, well hidden […]

This Fragile Life

This Fragile Life Day by day from birth to death, first breath to the last, this unfathomable life we humans live as in a dream, unchecked, unquestioned, zombie like, barging through, eyes, hearts and senses blocked in routines and fixed patterns……….grow ugly, hardened, callous, part of the fixtures left for newcomers to adapt to, fossilize […]

Wonderings on the Knowings

So I begin to wonder what if I live a dream of words? On awakening I sit at my window.. I see hills around with valleys bellow…I see the trees have grown green…I hear the wild chirping of birds and infinite flowers of mad colours springing out of the earth, everywhere, after the rains… I […]

Living this human heart.

If you had nothing to connect you to on this earth but the earth itself; if no one had taught you ways of humans or inherited human tales of human history….how would you live as here, now, alone on these hills as I wonder and share with you the reader. Befriend silence For it’s in […]